How to Get Piece of Mind in Exam

There is no doubt that exams can be scary and can make the best of revisers anxious, but here are a few ways to keep those examination nerves at bay.

1. Prepare in Advance

If you require keeping away from feeling anxious in the examination hall, you require starting preparing for each examination well in advance. The last thing you require to do is start cramming last-minute as this will only get you more worked up and panicked.

2. Sleep Well

There is the tiny point in pulling an all-nighter before an examination as this will only make you exhausted & could have a negative influence on your performance. It’s hard to focus on your examination if you are trying hard to stay awake!

3. Healthy Eating

It’s important that you eat well before your examination. A nourishing breakfast or lunch will set you in lovely steed for your morning or afternoon examination. Be cautious not to overheat as this will make you feel worn out. Likewise with not eating anything at all; even if your appetite isn’t there, it will come back to haunt you at some point in the examination – rumbling tummy, someone?

4. Give Yourself A Break

Don not be revised up to the minute before the examination. Leave the last hour to relax and get yourself prepared for the examination. Another positive idea to get yourself relaxed on the day of the examination is to do a small bit of light exercise – we are not saying go off and do a couple of hours in the gym before your morning examination, but a short walk or jog will give you some fresh air and up your concentration.

5. Allow Yourself Plenty Of Time

Firstly, you ought to know the exact time & place for the examination in advance, otherwise, that could cause unnecessary stress by the time the day comes round! Secondly, permit yourself lots of time to get there, even in the event you do know exactly where it is. This way you can have a tiny sit down & get ready before going into the examination room.

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