Elements of Academic Writing

It is an essay in which writing is addressed as word technology. Several features of academic writing, especially those related to research reports and scientific informative articles are exposed. the composition process also explores, it is investigated by blockages that arise during the writing and conceptualizing about style as gender and adaptation to particular choice of language.

The writer is not a lightning rod in a storm of creativity. Most of the time spent writing is a dedicated work that, besides planning, information search and development of ideas, involves smooth things, track the precise word, burnishing the sculptor-like rough surfaces embed the appropriate link for the words to flow smoothly between phrases, add reliefs where you need to change the rhythm of the text, clarify meanings, mute choruses, expand ideas and dialogues, remove tangled paragraphs, correcting distractions and frivolity.

To address properly the task of writing, according to Gonzalez Chavez, sometimes years of study, readings, notes and notes, drafts and corrections, to restructure paragraphs, are required always trying to achieve an optimal level of expression. This means that a long process of study and discipline to properly express them through the written word is necessary. Indeed, writing is a complex process, is to exert a patient calligraphy on the computer screen or the blank to achieve finally a significant surface. Hence the inspiration comes only when we are working.

in terms of academic community, it is imposed the cult language use, but not popular, because although any form of expression by the fact serve the communication itself is respectable, popular forms, for their very nature, are of limited scope and short-lived. In that way, the university community has the delicate task of properly indicate the direction to follow language. However, if we do not study the language and we write our own personal effort, our perseverance, dedication and passion, it is better to convince us that not learn to build a truly significant surface.

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