The Style and Features of MBA Essay Writing

“High simplicity of form and noble clarity of ideas,” Gracian

The style is defined in several ways: it can be of special character, which in the way of expressing the concepts gives a writer to his works; for example, you can speak the style of William Ospina, Lleras Camargo, Alvaro Mutis, etc. It is also understood as use, practice, custom, fashion, or as the tone that requires a particular topic.

Thus, the style is considered subjective and objective: subjective as to what it refers to very personal way someone writes; It is the way that everyone has to create expressions to communicate thought, which has to do with the expressive choice, because writing operates on two axes: selection and combination of words.

With regard to the objective, style are all those intrinsic characteristics of the various texts, which are given by the communicational purposes, the public to whom it is addressed the text and type of work. This means that there are a number of formal patterns that are expressed in the construction of texts. In other words, each genre of writing has its own characteristics. It is depending on whether writing a story, a chronology, an article, an essay, a report, an instruction, a literary text, an essay, a letter, etc. It will be used to record a particular language, see what is the most common typing:

  • Common or standard. It is the most shared by a community of speakers; designates everyday circumstances, and is in opposition to specific uses or slang. It is a style in which prevail words whose meaning we all know.
  • Jergal. It is the language used by certain professions or occupations.
  • Connotative. Using words that in addition to its general meaning, have other senses (sheep: mammal / gentleness).
  • Scientific and technical. Surge to designate (in a particular way) realities or objects that are not present in the standard language.
  • Functional. It is the language that predominates in the informative texts, written instructional and general science. It is a language aimed at reducing the complexity for the reader to understand a quick and easy way what the writer wishes to convey. This language is located in a common area meaning that is not standard or specialized language.

Summarizing this aside, the style depends on the repertoire of tastes, knowledge of the language of the writer and the type of message to be drafted. In the latter case it is understood as a formal gender appropriateness.

The more you know about language editor greater expressive possibilities will, and therefore more clear, precise and appropriate style. The style is a formal peculiarity of speeches, and the stylistic variety is possible thanks to the flexibility of the language that allows us to express an idea in different ways. The style and syntax are two levels closely related.

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