After completing the first draft of an essay, complete revision and editing. Check your test first, before editing.

The review involves considering the ideas, organization and evidence used in his essay. Below you are what to look for when reviewing your essay.

  • Review the assignment for which he wrote his essay and confirm that it has complied with all requirements.
  • Make sure your introduction is interesting and uses some kind of hook to catch the attention of your reader.
  • Make sure your introduction include a thesis statement and strong well written in the form of prayer but not a question, and that is written in their own words.
  • Make sure each paragraph has a well-written and clear topic sentence. All sentences of the paragraph should provide support to the main sentence.
  • Make sure each paragraph is relevant to your thesis statement.
  • Be sure to use transition words or phrases between paragraphs signaling to move from one idea to the next.
  • Make sure each paragraph contains three to five sentences that have more or less the same length. You can add more information if you think that the paragraph is not long enough. If it is too long, check what information can be deleted.
  • Be sure to cite information from external sources with in-text citations and quotations on your page reference or bibliography.
  • Make sure that your essay has a clear conclusion that acts as an adhesive between the main points of your essay and again asserting his claim thesis.
  • Make sure your test is properly formatted consistently using a specific font and size of the text.

Once you have reviewed your essay, edit it to make sure there are no errors in the mechanics of writing. Here are some things to consider when you edit your essay.

  • Use the spell check function word processor you are using to identify any spelling or typing program. The spell check function typically provides a list of correctly spelled words. Select the word you want to use.
  • Be sure to wear formal language. Remember not to use any wording or abbreviations shortcuts like “u” rather than “you” or “wanna” rather than “want to.”
  • Unless specifically permitted allocation narrative in the first person, make sure that you have not used first person pronouns such as “I, me, us, and us.”
  • Check to make sure that each sentence using the correct tense. In addition, confirm that the remains tense consistently like. If you start writing the essay in the past, make sure you keep time throughout the trial.
  • Every sentence score should be checked. Ensure that you have made usage of commas correctly and that every time you use a comma, you can think of a reason or specific rule that explains why used.
  • You may be tempted to use the grammar check function of your word processing program. However, keep in mind that this function does not take into account the context of your writing.

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