Before receiving masters or doctoral degree, you are required to write and present a thesis on topics related to the field of study. Writing and presentation of a thesis can be a terrible task, especially when you consider all the time and input involved in the research, as well as the expectations of the ability to carry it out efficiently. Once you have thought about your thesis topic and given themselves a realistic timetable for writing his thesis, you are ready to start.

Instructions Mathematics. Decide on the style of writing and reference for his thesis. Thesis for a master’s or doctoral dissertation, you have to choose between Harvard style and American Psychological Association (APA). Select the style indicated in your department or college writing guidelines.

Write the thesis proposal. This includes the first three chapters of the whole thesis. These chapters include an introduction to the topic, a literature review of the topic and research methodology. Acceptance of its proposal is indicative that the research we do is valid and can help fill gaps in existing knowledge.

Make your proposal approved by the supervisor of the faculty, chairman of the research committee and the Institutional Review Board of the University. Once this is done, you can now start with the actual research for the study. Research can only be carried out if it has clearly defined its research methodology. Research design, sample size, theoretical framework and means of data collection and data analysis

Rewrite the first three chapters of his thesis (chapters of the proposal) to indicate a change from the future (what you set) the past (what really made). Then type the rest of the thesis.

Section your thesis chapters to accurately reflect the ideas, the research, and findings. Start by writing the sections you feel comfortable and know more about, such as research techniques and collection of actual data. From here, go to the recording of evidence and creating graphs to analyze these data to obtain conclusive results. One chapter is wholly devoted to the study results.

Cite all references used in the text of his thesis in the right style (either APA or Harvard). These references refer to ideas, quotes or data that have been collected from other literature that you used in your manuscript.

Prepare your thesis presentation and practice in front of a mirror before its final presentation. Thus, not only practice will be achieved, but the opportunity to clarify and condense ideas.

Consider the time you have for your presentation. This is important because it helps determine the amount of the PowerPoint slides you need and the amount of time to devote to each.

A Show confidence. You know your subject. However, avoid being defensive or aggressive to prove the points.

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