Expository writing


Expository writing reports or explains something. For example, if you are writing to inform the Empire State Building in New York, you could write about where it is located, where it was built, how high and can be seen from the top of the observatory. If you write about how to grow flowers, you can start preparing the soil, when planting seeds, which so often give them water as they grow, and when to apply fertilizer. You need to have skill with expository writing for writing school reports and research papers.

Following are five steps to follow to produce expository work effectively.

1-Choose a theme or idea that want to write.

The topic or idea that you select is your theme of writing. At times the team is assigned by your teacher or teacher. If you have to choose your own theme, start thinking about a general topic such as water . Then make a citing things water – related list. For example, you could list items such as diving, swimming, the toils of being lifeguards, diving at lower depths, and even water polo. Choose the subject in which you have interest.

2-Determine the purpose of your work.

Decide whether you want to inform the reader about your topic or explain something about the subject. For example, for a subject like diving at low depths , you could decide to inform the reader about how this type of diving got its name (scuba diving), when and where it began, in that time is better to do, and where are the best locations to do it. Or, you might as well choose to explain how diving at low depths is done.  You could tell write about what training is necessary licensing requirements or certification necessary equipment and safety procedures to follow.

3-Board the necessary information to . Achieve your goal

Some sources of information include people like your teachers or parents, newspapers, and magazines, reference books such as encyclopedias, almanacs, atlases and of course the Internet. Write notes and go to seek information. The use of chips is a good alternative to the above.

4-Organizes information you find.

You can organize information in your notes by creating a logistical framework or outline showing your main ideas and your theme and all those details that collaborate to define the idea. Or, you can visually organize your information using a graphic organizer.

5-Enter your report or investigative work.

Be sure to include all relevant information required achieving your goals. The Utility uses logical effects, details, and examples much as necessary. Use the previous frame or graphic organizer to be sure that your work follows a logical order. It uses smooth transitions for easy reading and understanding of your text. It ends with a summary or conclusion clearly addresses your target.

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