Difficulties in Nurse Coroner Duties

Being a Nurse coroner is a very daunting job, especially when it comes to investigating forensic murder and accident scenes as well as investigating corpses. Forensic investigation is not an easy task as at times, if a corpse has been dismembered then re-joining it is a task that requires a strong heart. Of course there are gut wrenching scenes but someone has to move in and do the forensic task. Nurse coroner duties are a part of forensic nursing and that they require a lot of dedication and patience in resolving queries.

A Nurse Coroner has some of the most difficult duties on the planet. Investigating cadavers at any time of the day as well as care taking for corpses in the morgue in order to prevent them from decomposing is a difficult duty. Investigating each corpse one after one to ensure that the person is dead is a difficult duty as sometimes, even the slightest heartbeat cannot be detected by a stethoscope easily. When the National Health Service was unable to save a number of elderly patients approximately 2 years ago from preventable diseases due to drop in service delivery during austerity measures, nurses were given a daunting task of not just moving the corpses but also investigating for signs that the deaths could have been preventable. The discoveries were harrowing as most elderly patients had died from preventable causes and that some patients were given unsanitary bed sheets and other durables that were not sanitary.

difficulties-in-nurse-coroner-dutiesInvestigating deaths is another harrowing duty. Finding medical clues at scenes of murder, death and accident is a forensic duty and the findings cannot be manipulated. Furthermore, Nurses have to act more as detectives and thereby not only aid forensic experts but also have to contradict forensic findings, if necessary. Apart from investigating cadavers and helping forensics in this regard, nurses themselves also investigate crime scenes and death scenes on their own as well. Investigating the cause of death is also a harsh duty and at times investigating dissected corpses to investigate cause of death is even harder.

Protecting victims from abuse is also a task and duty of many forensic nurses as they have to cope with the victims and make the victim reveal details. Nurses tabulate these findings and match them with other forensic findings which then are reported to law enforcement, chief medical officer and related judicial officials. Nurses should be able to take details from victims whose abuse is not visible to the eye but the abuse can be mental. Also, if there are marks of abuse on any part of the victims body, such as hands feet, face, near the ears and other critical places then nurses must raise alarm and notify doctors immediately.

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