Nurses are bridges between doctors, medical officers and hospital personnel

It is true without a doubt that nurses are bridges between doctors, medical officers and various other healthcare professionals as well as hospital personnel in order to not just improve healthcare service delivery but also prevent any other fatal incidents as well as bridging gap between ailments detected and diagnosed by doctors as well as those reported by the patients themselves.

Nurses are a critical component of the hospital as well as being a crucial cog in the daily functions of a hospital. They are renowned for providing selfless care to patients without any hesitation and that they seldom care about themselves: Patients not only vomit but also even cough up blood on nurses, nurses earn both scorn and praise from patients and that they worry more about patients than the doctors. A nurse’s job is tough and they also have to detect things that are not visible to the eye. When they treat victims of abuse, they have to look for spots and clues not visible to the human eye which then has to be reported to relevant personnel as well as relevant law enforcement personnel.


Nurses have now moved into roles of practitioners these days and are also involved in clinical research as well. Nursing Practitioners need to have at least a 4 year bachelor’s degree in nursing sciences and a master’s degree provides an added advantage. Nursing practitioners have been renowned in lifting the burden of basic and outpatient healthcare off the shoulders of doctors and that prescribing medicines, deciphering reports, conducting and interpreting diagnostic reports, conducting tests, checking effects of medications on timely basis as well as providing counselling to family members of patients in order to help them understand ailments and medications better.

Today’s nursing roles require more practical approaches and that with austerity measures common around the globe, nurses now have to bend the rules in order to ensure the patient’s life is not at stake. Nursing students are now also working part time in order to understand deeper aspects of their job and role as well as aiding their studies, coursework, assignments, essays, reports and dissertations with practical information as well as practical solutions for their case studies as well. Also, with practical information needed at hand they then have to work part time as understudy nurses which then leaves them without needed energy.

Deprived of energy, nursing students working part time need an Assignment Help UK service provider that can help them with prompt completion and delivery of assignments on time: at most economical of prices, without errors in grammar, structuring and spellings as well as subject matter free from plagiarism. These services should be delivered through a renowned service provider, as there is a dearth of academic writing services for students studying in the United Kingdom but the level of delivery has often been inconsistent with many of these service providers. In this regard, Nursing Essays is the topmost service provider for nursing students.

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