Aligning theories of psychology to treat patients with mental disorders in psychiatric nursing

Psychiatric nursing involves taking care of patients with psychiatric disorders, whether mild or severe and also providing counselling. Psychiatric nurses also have the duty to check on the amount of medications taken by patients as medications alone cannot save the patient and that conditioning training needs to be done to ensure the patients are on the right track. Also, the usage of various theories of psychology needs to be done so carefully in order to ensure the patient also learns to behave as well.

Various theories of various psychologists such as Erik Erikson, Sigmund Freud, B.F Skinner, Carl Rogers, Geoffrey Beattie, Richard Wiseman, Vilayanur S. Ramachandran, Abraham Maslow, Anna Freud & Alfred Adler among a host of many others have often been based on a series of experiments based on conditioning. The only way to get patients cured is not just medications but using the right psychological experiment as well. Operant conditioning is an experiment consisting of four components: i). Positive Reinforcement, ii). Negative reinforcement, iii). Positive Punishment and iv). Negative Punishment. Operant conditioning is used as a means of changing behaviour as well as aiding behaviour in patients through a series of punishments and rewards using neutral operants, re-enforcers and punishers. Also, most other experiments in psychology are basically theories that are aimed at improvements in the human personality.

However, applying these theories is not easy and that the mental stress levels most psychiatric patients’ face may vary. Some may face occasional stress while others may face long lasting stress and that prescription medications alone aren’t enough. A bit of forensic investigation also has to be done in order to ensure that the patient is not forced to take medication and that to ensure the safety of the patient in case the patient has been a victim of abuse in the past or not. Apart from stress, rowdy and uncivil behaviours are also subject to psychiatric treatment in order to ensure the incidence of uncontrolled and undesirable behaviour is significantly and considerably reduced.

Aligning theories of psychology to aid patients with mental stress and disorders is not an easy task and not every patient is the same. Furthermore, the shifts for both doctors and nurses are very tough in this regard and at times have not favoured any of them. Nursing students working part time in the field of psychiatric nursing have often been deprived of the much needed energy to complete their essays on time and that a considerable essay writing services in the field of nursing have not been very cooperative in terms of quality and budget. The kind of service most nursing students need should not be just a top notch service but also should charge economical prices, should be budget friendly, should have a team of educated, experienced and dedicated writers and time relay of subject material as well as limitless revisions and amendments. Nursing Essays is topmost service provider for Essay Help.

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