How Law Students In UK Can Improve Their Writing By Avoiding Legalese?

Being a law student is no one’s walk in the park, as it requires tons of effort and great deal of learning that can be validated by the hours upon hours a student spends reading books in the library. Your world as a law student often drifts far from that of a normal person, as it continuously becomes more saturated and enriching every day, till there comes a time where your speech and writing both confer to the norms of what can be best defined as a lawyer or an advocate.

Following a line of profession and choosing a career for yourself does this to you. Most of the time students studying law often speak of terminologies that may sound alien to the rest of us while for them it just like nothing extraordinary. In this situation what one can obviously proclaim is that during writing students end up using ‘Legalese’ which is a special term dedicated to their own jargon and clichés related to their field of law and studies.

What Is ‘Legalese’?

It can be bets defined as a form of writing that depicts very formal and technical language and its usage within legal documents, posing a challenge for any reader to understand them completely. Legalese is without doubt a jargon and cliché related to the field of advocacy and lawyers. They are what you can say the sublime speech of advocates when they are referring to law and for this reason they become too technical with their description causing other huge amounts of difficulty to understand them.

The Adverse Effects Of Legalese

People having the profession in law might compare the usage of legalese as a disease that is equivalent of a drug addiction. It can compromise your speech and writing through the following aspects:

  • The clients or your audience might lose their interest and trust in you.
  • More complaints and less referrals.
  • Deteriorates your reputation among others.
  • Depicts unclear thinking that is unable to move others.
  • Considered as a bad practice by the industry which is highly competitive.
  • Makes international transitions difficult.

How To Avoid Legalese?

In order to completely abandon legalese form your writing, as a student you can do the following:

  • Convert your legalese portions into simple plain English.
  • Read the original terms with legalese and revise them to suit your audience.
  • Consider the audience before writing and purpose your manuscripts towards them.
  • Sound more competent by using simpler English so that even juniors can understand you.

Hopefully the above mentioned pointers will help you in straightening the way you write and make better use of your written language to make your audience easily understand your message in a way that you want it to be communicated.

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