Highlighting the Common Problems students face in essay writing:

Writing a technically correct essay is not everyone’s piece of cake. There would be some complications and challenges that might arise throughout the task and a student who is not willing to learn would find himself in the middle of nowhere.  A lot has been said and read about the solutions regarding the issues that a student has to face while writing an essay but I still feel that these matters themselves are not addressed adequately. A lot of you would say that essay writing is a lengthy task, the deadlines are short, and the ideas are limited, but in fact, there is a lot more to the story.

  • How to start and where to end is the question many students ask themselves as soon as they are assigned with the task of essay writing. The core reason why this problem arises is the student’s laziness but still, figuring out the part how to start, and the end is a very common problem. There is a solution to it, but the students do not consider paying attention to the solution as they are already circled by the other challenges of life.
  • You can ask any student that if they know that what tone would be suitable in an essay, most of them would say that they do not know it because they mostly cover third person narratives in their essays. Quoting someone’s hard because your topic might not be demanding the tone which is used in the third person narrative and it might cost a failure or bad grades. The students face this problem a lot as eliminating the slang, colloquialisms and everyday speech patterns from third person narrative are undoubtedly difficult.
  • You would have often read the solutions of eliminating the fear of failure while writing an essay but have you actually understood what the fear of failure is? Fear of failure for students comes in many ways, for example, meeting the deadline, using the right punctuation, avoiding the over and understatements and staying relevant are all part of the fear. Fear of providing the right content with correct grammar sometimes become so annoying that students start to feel anxiety, depression and other psychological issues too.
  • An essay in incomplete without citing and hence quoting correctly from the sources is another big problem that every student faces. The students put a lot of energy and effort to cite correctly but still the lack of resources does not let them do so. Plagiarism problem always comes into play due to the wrong citing and plagiarism in content means you are destined to fail in your task. Citing must be handled with care as any little mistake in citing could change the whole dimension, and the content could become plagiarized.

As I mentioned earlier, there are ways to tackle these issues, but honestly, I do not believe that student can implement all of them to negotiate these problems. In the United Kingdom, Essay Writers UK is constantly helping the masses to overcome these challenges, and it would be good for students to contact them to avoid severe consequences.

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