Stay Healthy: Five Exercises You Should Never Miss

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Staying in shape is everybody’s dearest dream but requires sacrifices in many areas, especially food and sleeping habits. On day one, when you hit the gym with great gusto and ambitions, you need to promise yourself that it is not going to be a leisurely excursion into the world of work-out, but a lifelong habit for keeping yourself healthy. You should write your exercise goals on a paper which may include points like what kind of body you want, the need to make yourself tough both internally and externally for dealing with the difficult physical tasks of life, and for self-defense.

For that matter you can hire the professional services of a trainer the same way you go to an Essay Writing Service UK for getting experts’ guidance in matters of academic writing. But there are also some basic exercises that you can perform on your own without the need of a trainer. The below lines describe these exercises and what you will require to accomplish them.

1. Start with the Aerobics

For both beginners and advanced body-builders, starting your daily workout routine with aerobics is a good thing to do. It warms you up, speeds up the circulation of blood in your body to increase the supply of oxygen to every muscle, and mentally prepares you to take harder exercises.

Find a quiet place with plenty of fresh air and spread your exercise mat there. Stand on it upright, take five or seven deep breaths, then hold your breath. Now bend and try touching your toes without bending your knees. When you are touching your toes, keep yourself in this position for five or seven seconds. You can also try touching opposite feet while stretching your legs apart. Repeat each set of exercise thrice.

2. Perform the push-ups

Push-ups also make the warm-up category of exercises and tone your chest and arms along with building up stamina for tougher exercises. Turn upon all fours, making sure that your hands are stretched out the right distance from each other. Now heave your body up and slowly come down in a controlled manner. Make repetitions for eight to twelve times, and do three set of push ups with a one-minute rest in between.

3. Bear the bench-press

Bench-press is easily the most challenging exercise a beginner will find, so start with the least weight that is six kilogram. Set the handle bars in the right position, making sure that they are neither too low (painful) or too high (useless). Take few deep breaths and set your goal to eight per one time for starters. Say to yourself “no pain, no gain”, and fire up with working out.

4. Bottle the butterfly

Doing butterfly exercise is relatively easier than bench-press, and you will find it amazing how quite easily you can achieve the maximum goal of twelve repetitions per set on your first day. Butterfly exercise beefs up your arms muscles and the part of your arms that join with the torso of your body.

5. Deal with the dumbbells

In the end, you can lift the dumbbells both the big ones (starting from six-kg-each-side) and the small ones (starting from one-kg-each-side), for shaping your wrist, biceps and chest area. Here again you have to follow the same rule of eight to twelve reps per set of exercises.

Side by side you should be eating healthy foods, not to forget the daily intake of protein supplements, fruits, honey and dairy items. And last but not the least you know the novel line “Early to bed, early to rise; makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise!”

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