Reasons Why Your Essays May Not Be Getting Excellent Grades.

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We all know the amount of time and pain that it takes to plan and actually write essays almost every single day of the week. Getting new essays assigned even before you have submitted the ones that lay pending incomplete on your desks. What’s worse is when all of the hard work that you do in writing your essays ends up to amount to nothing. When the essays that you write are just not good enough to get top grades. You can just imagine all the frustration that any student would feel when the essay that they spent hundreds of hours to write amounted up to nothing more than just a passable grade. Then again, ever wondered why exactly your essays aren’t scoring as high as you would want them to?

What your essays need

What exactly is the problem with your essays or what you lack in your writing could very well be one of the fundamental aspects that every academic essay just needs to have or it could just be some of the finer details that you may be missing in your essays. Either way the following list of things that your essays need can help you understand what exactly you are missing in your essays. So instead of asking around for someone to ‘Write My Essay’, just start doing it yourself!

  • Originality

One of the most important aspects of any written work that you may have to hand in at your institute is the authenticity and integrity of the work. You just simply cannot hand it whatever you want or anything that you may find on the internet. You need to make sure that whatever you hand in is your original work. Plagiarism can be your biggest enemy in school life. You need to make sure that you do not copy any work from anywhere and in fact compose all of your essays of your own original work.

  • Language

Another important aspect of any work that you do is getting the grammatical and language errors out of the way. Most students often get stuck behind in their class because of the occasional grammatical errors that they tend to make. These errors can be fatal and also end up to be the reason that you do not get a high grade. So the best way to avoid these is by thoroughly proofreading your work after you’re done. A step that often is left because it just does not seem worth the time. Be sure to proofread all of your work before you hand any of it in.

  • Use of proper terminology

Students are always expected to use the proper terminologies that are applicable in each of their academic essay writing tasks. Without use the correct vocabulary or terminologies, your essay gives off the impression that you do not know the subject matter very well and therefore are unable to use the correct terms that are expected of you in the concerned task. Therefore, always remember to have your researched done and completed so that you know exactly what terms you need to use in your essay.

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Stay Healthy: Five Exercises You Should Never Miss

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Staying in shape is everybody’s dearest dream but requires sacrifices in many areas, especially food and sleeping habits. On day one, when you hit the gym with great gusto and ambitions, you need to promise yourself that it is not going to be a leisurely excursion into the world of work-out, but a lifelong habit for keeping yourself healthy. You should write your exercise goals on a paper which may include points like what kind of body you want, the need to make yourself tough both internally and externally for dealing with the difficult physical tasks of life, and for self-defense.

For that matter you can hire the professional services of a trainer the same way you go to an Essay Writing Service UK for getting experts’ guidance in matters of academic writing. But there are also some basic exercises that you can perform on your own without the need of a trainer. The below lines describe these exercises and what you will require to accomplish them.

1. Start with the Aerobics

For both beginners and advanced body-builders, starting your daily workout routine with aerobics is a good thing to do. It warms you up, speeds up the circulation of blood in your body to increase the supply of oxygen to every muscle, and mentally prepares you to take harder exercises.

Find a quiet place with plenty of fresh air and spread your exercise mat there. Stand on it upright, take five or seven deep breaths, then hold your breath. Now bend and try touching your toes without bending your knees. When you are touching your toes, keep yourself in this position for five or seven seconds. You can also try touching opposite feet while stretching your legs apart. Repeat each set of exercise thrice.

2. Perform the push-ups

Push-ups also make the warm-up category of exercises and tone your chest and arms along with building up stamina for tougher exercises. Turn upon all fours, making sure that your hands are stretched out the right distance from each other. Now heave your body up and slowly come down in a controlled manner. Make repetitions for eight to twelve times, and do three set of push ups with a one-minute rest in between.

3. Bear the bench-press

Bench-press is easily the most challenging exercise a beginner will find, so start with the least weight that is six kilogram. Set the handle bars in the right position, making sure that they are neither too low (painful) or too high (useless). Take few deep breaths and set your goal to eight per one time for starters. Say to yourself “no pain, no gain”, and fire up with working out.

4. Bottle the butterfly

Doing butterfly exercise is relatively easier than bench-press, and you will find it amazing how quite easily you can achieve the maximum goal of twelve repetitions per set on your first day. Butterfly exercise beefs up your arms muscles and the part of your arms that join with the torso of your body.

5. Deal with the dumbbells

In the end, you can lift the dumbbells both the big ones (starting from six-kg-each-side) and the small ones (starting from one-kg-each-side), for shaping your wrist, biceps and chest area. Here again you have to follow the same rule of eight to twelve reps per set of exercises.

Side by side you should be eating healthy foods, not to forget the daily intake of protein supplements, fruits, honey and dairy items. And last but not the least you know the novel line “Early to bed, early to rise; makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise!”

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Time Management Skills: How To Use Your Time Effectively?

According to Oxford dictionary, ‘Time’ is defined as: “the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole.” Whether you understood the above definition of time or not, one thing is definite that Time is our need and we can feel its importance even if we don’t understand its meaning. As the limited portion of time allotted to each of us is always shrinking and the sand of time is ever lessening in the hourglass of life, the effective use of time is what makes our life valuable for us.

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Take the example of a schoolboy who is too lazy to do his homework and relies on others for doing his essay writing tasks. Because he did not learn at school how to finish his work on time, he took the habit of laziness into his college years. He would never reach on time for an appointment, never finish his college assignments until the deadline is past, and never meet his girlfriend at the time they fixed. The result: he misses out on the opportunities that life has to offer. That job he had applied for might be given to the person who reached on the right time for the interview; a ‘D’ in the college assignments because of running over the deadline; and the girlfriend marry the smartest person in the campus because our guy always failed to appear on the fixed time. Past, present and future; all blown up due to not keeping up with the speed of the clock.

Here are some time management skills for bringing about a positive improvement in your life.

Be organised

The organisation is of vital importance in time management. Consider your time as a touchable quantity which you can divide into small pieces, allotting some for each task you have in hand.

  • Use the Calendar: A calendar helps in making people more organised by allowing them to plan their obligations and appointments in advance. You can distribute time into slots for planning your daily or monthly activities. Install a calendar in your room or place one on your table. You can also set up the calendar on your cell phone and make sure to follow it strictly.
  • Make a Checklist: Listing all your tasks in the order of priority keeps you mindful of completing them on time. You also draw a sense of satisfaction by checking a task that is complete.

Be focused

Keeping focused on a task makes you attain the state of mind termed as ‘The Flow’. If you remained steadfast and focused towards achieving your goals, gradually you will feel more motivated and energised for doing your tasks. Ever felt the time fly past when you are attentively doing your work? It’s that ‘Flow’ state which instils a sense of enjoyment in you for doing your work and increases your productivity level to a super high.

Reward yourself

Money makes the mare go”, we all have heard this cliché. Human beings have a similar mentality and work best when motivated by the hope of a reward at the end of their day’s tolls. Give yourself something to live for every day for keeping yourself energetic, motivated and productive!

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Vital Steps For Making Your Essays Error-Proof

The importance of proof-reading your work cannot be undermined as a small mistake might lay a wider impact on the soundness of your composition. Those little grammatical, punctuation and spelling bugs that remain behind after you have finished your essay projects are the most troublesome nuisances which may ruin the impressive effect which your great ideas were aimed to produce. There is little that you can do about preventing the occurrence of syntactical mistakes but you can certainly try to filter them out after finishing your essay.

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It is, therefore, most important that you “dot your I’s and cross your t’s” as soon as you have finished writing up a project. An observation is that other people are better reviewers of your work than yourself, as they will be reading your essay from the audience’s point of view. Proofreading becomes even more fruitful if it was carried out by a writing genius such as the ones working under the roof of a credible academic writing company. These writing maestros offer the most exemplary essay help for making your work error-free by employing their expert quality check SOPs.

Given below are some of the good practices for effective proofreading, that you can try yourself for making your composition fault-free.

Give a day’s gap before proofreading:

After finishing your essay, you should give a 24 hours rest to your composition before proofreading it. Have a refreshing break in between, clear your mind of any fatigues and start the next day afresh with the error-proofing work. That’s how you will see the words you wrote from a different perspective being in a fresh state of mind than the one you were in when you wrote the essay.

Get the hard copy:

According to psychologists, when you read something on paper, it will appear clearer to you, then reading it on the screen. We tend to miss out many mistakes when doing the proofreading directly on the monitor screen.

Read backwards from end to the beginning:

Because you already understand the content that you have written yourself, chances are you will not detect any errors when reading in the normal order. You need to read each sentence in the reverse order starting from end going all the way to the beginning. That way your mind will capture any mistakes left when you studied it in the forward direction.

Read it aloud:

When you read something aloud, your mind focusses on every word thereby forcing you to consider every word and catch any typos or spelling mistakes.

Highlight mistakes with a marker: Have a coloured pencil or pen to mark your mistakes, circling or underlining them as suitable to you. That way you can correct your errors at the time of revision.

Give special focus to punctuation mistakes: Of the three important areas of proofreading, that is grammar, punctuation and spelling; punctuation is the hardest to handle. Surprisingly enough, university students who are very good with spellings and have faultless grammar would fall for the punctuation errors. There are numerous rules described in the grammar books which give one idea about the proper use of punctuation marks.

With the new forms of writing being invented, the chances of errors are ever-increasing. Hence it becomes imperative that you proof-read your essays or better get a professional academic writer to proofread it for you, before going to submit your work.

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