Steps To Deliver A Successful Presentation

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What’s more frightening than setting a phenomenal dissertation structure example?  Dissertation writing is intimidating but not more than delivering a presentation. Introvert and unsocial students get into dismay as soon as they are assigned a presentation, even extroverts also tend to dislike this task.

Nothing is impossible if you invest your dedication to make the things happen and same rule can be applied for presentations. Following steps can help you with your presentation phobia:

Prepare Assiduously:

Take your time to prepare for the contents of the presentation; make proper slides to complement your material. Avoid writing unnecessary text in the slides because reading out from the screen can give the negative impression that can make you suffer no matter how much hard work you invested in it.

Memorise your pointers well and if you feel you would need cues during your presentation, try using small cards instead of A-4 papers.

Incorporate Visuals:

Visuals play a great role in grasping the audience’s attention; the clever use of visuals can earn your presentation good output. They should be the supporting material that you use to illustrate your concepts or arguments.


Keep on practising as much as you can, preferably in front of an audience. This can eradicate your fear and nervousness as you get used to facing people confidentially. Encourage your friends to locate any weakness they feel you possess and correct it accordingly.

If you are not comfortable facing people at once, try using a mirror to practice before delivering your speech in front of friends. Don’t worry; you will learn as you go.

Research Your Topic:

To back questions that come after the presentation, research in depth about the topic you are dealing with. Inquire yourself what will you ask from the presentation material if you were at the receiving end. Also, you can ask your friend or group mates to raise questions during the practise sessions.

List these questions down and find answers to the respective questions. Practise these answers too so that you don’t stumble during the question-answer session.

Be Optimistic:

Being nervous is okay but don’t let that get to your head as it can compromise your performance. Tell yourself that you can do this; after all, you have put too much effort into making this happen and that you are fully equipped to counter any attack (question).

It is interesting to note that the audience doesn’t note your nervousness unless you make it evident. So, grab that stage and do your best.

Technology is Unreliable:

Avert the agony by using alternative options alongside the technology; for example, in case your slides are not working, you should have a carbon copy of the contents similar to the slides you made.

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How To Utilise Your Vacations The Right Way?

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Congratulations on receiving such a bounty called vacations as many of us are not that lucky. You might be exhausted writing a dissertation proposal and submitting it prior vacations. Definitely, your mind deserves a break, although it is necessary that you ripe the fruits that these vacations bring along as well.

Don’t waste your time in activities that have no outcomes with reference to future. Instead, plan your vacations that build your persona without letting you slip into the lazy mood.

So what are the activities you can do? There are numerous options you can consider, some of the most significant are highlighted and discussed below:

Refurbish Resumes and Cover letter:

Revamping your resume and cover letters is a tedious task that needs to be updated every now and then. Since you have extra time during your vacations, use this time to build a strong resume with a compelling cover letter.

Assure that there are no mistakes in the text; also that these documents describe and bring your exceptional traits intro the limelight.

Become an Avid Reader:

Choose a book that actually fascinates you with its content. Grab your pick, cosy up in bed, and enjoy the boon of your holidays.

Spend Quality Time With Loved Ones:

Don’t you love your family? The irritating siblings and the never-ending advise of parents- admit that you miss it. So, why not pay them a visit?

Spending time with them can help you relieve the stress you may be encountering and as a bonus, you can chop down some of the chores, like cooking, as your mother will take care of it.

Catch up with Friends:

As people grow up, unintentionally they lose contact, and it is hard to maintain the friendship that was once an essential part to survive. So, why not use a fraction of this time to cope with this loss?

So surprise your friends from the past by paying them a visit, recall the old good times, and relive the golden memories.

Apply for Better Opportunities:

Everybody wants to see their strong profile but doing the effort required is not everyone’s cup of tea. Don’t be one of such people and gear on applying to the internships or work experience that provides strength to your resume.

You can read the daily newspaper to be well aware of the openings or make an account on LinkedIn or use other feasible means. Whatever you do just keep your eyes open; you never know when an appropriate opportunity comes by.


To keep yourself motivated, use exercise as your tool and make it a fundamental part of your everyday routine. This will not only keep you in shape but will also help you have a positive outlook towards life.

Therefore, don’t waste this opportunity to shape yourself as a better person both academically and personally. The time is slipping away and so is your chance to outshine- so stop being sluggish and hurry up!

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Does Colour Affect Our Perception Of Food?

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You might be a big foodie that claims taste to be the only criteria to meet your needs. You may have shunned people with remarks like “You eat with eyes,” if they consider presentation important. However, you should know that appealing visionary colours do impact our appetite. For instance, a slight change in the colour of your gravy might make you think that it tastes different from the previous versions.

This can be a unique idea for your dissertation because interestingly colours have various psychological effects on human beings. However, you need to be careful when planning a Masters Dissertation Structure. The visual perception that we have developed over the years aids us in choosing food items that our trichromatic vision deems healthy.

Some common colours and their impact are listed below:


White is perceived as the colour of peace, and this can be alarming as white foods or white utensils trick us into overeating. Since white is seen as a harmless colour, people tend to intake more than they should- recall eating a whole packet of popcorns or a vanilla ice-cream in one go.

Research suggests that white plate makes our food look brighter which is naturally appealing to the eyes. So, if you are dieting, throw away the white plates.


Blue foods are not found in nature hence they give out sensations of being synthesised by a man. If you try eating underneath a blue lamp, you can potentially get sick because that gives out the vibe of being poisonous.

By using blue plates, you can curtail your meal quantity. If you feel tempted to eat things midnight, placing a blue light in your fridge can help you refrain from that.


What comes to your mind when you imagine a red food? A bright coloured carrot, a reddish tomato, hot red chillies, dark red beef etc. You must admit that the food items stated above are very appealing and our memory has stored their information with respect to their colour. Serving a greenish tomato might want you to abstain from eating it though it tastes the same as the red one.

Psychologically, our brain considers bright red to be more inviting and tasteful. However, by using red plates and serving red food on the said plate can help you keep your overeating in check.


Yellow is the colour of energy and excitement which in turn also boosts our intake needs. Think about where you have seen the incorporation of this colour in food chains? Of course, the giants McDonald’s and Subway are not alone using this colour as a tool to attract hungry masses.


Do you use Instagram? Did you ever take a picture of your food and post it online? What is the first thing you do? You increase the brightness to capture the greenish look of the veggies in the meal.

Green is considered to be an eco-friendly colour that provides comfort to the eyes but overdoing this colour can also make the plate look gross. Promoting the impeccable use of the colour green can help a food outlet earn heaps of money.

Next time avoid nagging someone with motto “presentation matters” because at the end of the day we all feast with our eyes.

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How To Make A Great First Lasting Impression?

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Everyone is nervous when they meet new people for various reasons like interviews for a job, internship or scholarship opportunity. The thought of discussing ideas, presentations or dissertation proposal sample with the colleagues for the first time can be intimidating.

It is essential that people get past the first stage of shyness and come forth as a strong, inspiring person. Students learn through exposure and polish themselves further from there; although there are many tricks that can help you in leaving a great impression on the people you meet. Some of the techniques are listed below:

Eye Contact: The importance of maintaining eye contact cannot be neglected. It assures the other person that you are actively listening to their speech and are not least interested.

On the other hand, if you start staring at the other person, that might make them uncomfortable, and they might perceive negative notions about your being. So, maintain healthy eye contact throughout the conversation.

Body Language: Whatever you speak is complemented by your body language; also, it is interesting to note that most of the daily interactions an individual encounters are nonverbal. That being said, you should:

  • Smile- gives out friendly vibes, but avoid grinning to look creepy.
  • Maintain upright posture- indicates confidence.
  • Maintain your composure- don’t move hastily.

You should avoid:

  • Touching your hair or face- depicts low self-confidence.
  • Fidget- makes you look restless.

Be certain to use your body language accurately.

Remember Names: Psychologically speaking, people like it when you remember their names. They are most likely to associate positive traits to your personality and may have a lasting impression of your persona on them.

Therefore, if you want to be admired for the future times to come- learn and remember names.

Shake Hands: It is suggested to shake hands at the beginning and end of the conversation. The way an individual shakes hands tells a lot about their state at present. If you want to come forth as a confident individual, shake hands with a firm quick grasp.

Speak Clearly: How do you feel when somebody mumbles? You probably urge them to speak clearly, not to mention how irritated you feel. Keeping the above-illustrated scenario in mind, assure you speak loud and clear.

To make your speech meaningful, embed pace at different points; lay importance on the words that are a significant part of the message and take moments to pause. This can help break the monotony in your speech that could have bored the listener.

Dress Smartly: This doesn’t mean that you turn yourself according to the latest fashion statements prevailing. To dress smart means to look presentable in such a way that the listener doesn’t distract himself from listening to you and your presence creates a lasting impression. So wear nice presentable clothes that make you look confident and upbeat.

Now you can create an everlasting impression if you follow these tips precisely;  you will notice people speaking highly of you in no time.

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